July 19, 2013
Big Brother Season 15 Episode 10 Download

BIG BROTHER returns for the tenth episode and also the fifth week of the fifteenth season. On tonight’s episode we are going to resolve that houseguests mythical being WHO won HoH are nominating for eviction. Did you watch last week’s Live Eviction and HoH competition? we have a tendency to did and that we recapped it right here for you!

On last week’s show the removal company alliance began to crumble.  Jeremy wished Elissa to travel home and strict all the members of his alliance vote her out.  However, the opposite men failed to take kindly to being ordered around and went against his desires.  By the top of the show Elissa was saved and Nick was blindsided and sent home.  GinaMarie took his eviction arduous and sobbed and sobbed. At the HoH competition all the remaining houseguests worked arduous to win however at the top mythical being was victorious and she or he is that the HoH on.

On tonight’s show mythical being has choices to create, this is often her week to be up to the mark of the house. i’m positive mythical being are targeting to induce Jeremy out, however this is often shot thus you ne’er apprehend. when Nick’s eviction last week GinaMarie had an enormous drama fest wherever she sobbed and sobbed and that i wished to travel all the way through the tv and slap her.  Apparently when last week’s show she conjointly had alittle of a meltdown.  There was conjointly lots of racial slurs and that we square measure speculative if shot can air the coverage or omit it. we are going to resolve tonight.

GinaMarie is upset that Nick is gone.  Elissa thanks America and tells them she loves them.  GinaMarie continues to sob in Howard’s arms (time to prevent now)  GinaMarie heads to the toilet and continues to sob she tells Aaryn she doesn’t wish to be within the house while not Nick.

GinaMarie comes within the space and starts screaming and tell everybody they’re all stupid and she or he needs everybody to vote her off next week.  She calls everybody losers and scrubs.  She then tells everybody she is from NYC and that they will bring it.  She calls them cockroaches.  She goes batshit crazy.

Spencer says the removal company isn’t any a lot of – he feels Jeremy was putt everybody underneath an excessive amount of pressure. Spencer liked  the pitch mythical being created to him to induce eliminate Nick. Spencer tells Howard that he’s 100% on his aspect, however they might be comfortable with Elissa on their aspect.  Howard tells Spencer that he’s still 50/50 concerning departure the removal company.

Jeremy thinks it’s a miserable moment that mythical being won HoH however he’s not dropping. mythical being hugs Elissa and tells her she isn’t happening the block.  Elissa says that they’re about to amendment the energy within the house from negative to positive.  Jeremy comes in and tells mythical being that he’s thunderstruck by her game play.

Meanwhile Aaryn and Kaitlin speak and Aaryn tells her that Helen’s arrange is to induce eliminate all the robust players.  GinaMarie comes in crying once more (ughh offer Maine a break) it looks she like Nick, unfortunate Nick failed to like her.  Aaryn comforts her and tells her that Nick was a tremendous person.  Aaryn says at now she doesn’t wish to be within the house any longer.

Aaryn asks Jessie if next week she’s going to be taking part in on her aspect.  Kaitlin claims she had Jessie back and she or he isn’t excited at what Jessie did.  Aaryn and Kaitlin square measure stealing Jessie’s bed.  Jessie leaves the area with Judd and Aaryn takes the pad of Candice’s bed and removes the bed garments and throws her garments everywhere the place.  Aaryn isn’t terribly nice.

Elissa comes back to her space and lies on the bed and Kaitlin follows and lies on her bed.  Jessie asks her to induce off, she leaves pissed.  Jeremy comes and lies on Jessie’s bed she asks him to induce off.

Candice comes in and finds her bed flipped off and every one her garments square measure on the ground.  Candice is upset and tells Aaryn.  Aaryn starts to speak ghetto to her and roast of her.  Howard walks in and Candice tells him that Aaryn flipped her bed.  GinaMarie gets up and gets in Candice’s face.  GinaMarie says to Candice, “What you about to do bring the black out.”  Howard lifts Candice up and takes her out of the area and tells her to come back down.